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My Story:

My name is Michael R Mancini. I now own and operate Woodgamz.com. Woodgamz creates and sells indoor and outdoor games like cornhole and many other games that are fun to play.

I graduated college and started off my career in Information Technology. My first professional job was at a company called Amerisource. Amerisource is now AmerisourceBergen. They are a Fortune 200 company and distribute pharmacueticals to major drug chains and hospitals. At AmerisourceBergen I was in charge of our IT department at our Columbus Ohio branch called American Health Packaging. I did everything from purchasing, setting up servers to making cat5 patch cables.

I then moved on to Nationwide Insurance. I was hired as a software specialist in charge of developing and distributing software packages. I was soon promoted to a manager over a group of developers. At the time our team maintained servers and software code. I then moved into a manager role on a multi million dollar project that created and implemented an automated Life Insurance Underwriting program. My team was in charge of the hardware infrastructure and all software regions. We packaged, deployed and promoted software code in accordance with SLDC standards. After this project was implemented I moved into a manager role in a new area. In this area I managed a team that used a tool called Genesi which helped with CTI (Computerized Telephony Integration). This team developed code to track incoming calls into Nationwide and route them to the appropriate group/person depending on the phone options that were presented to the caller. We went as far as popping computer programs on call center represenatives computers depending on the customer calling. I then found an area at Nationwide that I loved. I was asked to run a team that was in charge of our Business Intelligence (BI) for Nationwide Finanacial's Data Warehouse. My team was responsible for all reports (sales, marketing, financial, ad-hoc, etc.) that hit against our data warehouse. At that time I was asked to evaluate our current infrastructure/applications. I ended up doing a deep dive on our Business Intelligence platform. After analysis and requirements gathering, I made a recommendation to our senior leadership team to bring in a new BI tool for all of Nationwide Financial. Guess what, Nationwide made my recommendation the new standard across Nationwide Financial and this decision saved Nationwide 5 million dollars over a 4 year period.

In 2003/2004 I started making cornhole sets for family and friends. I realized quickly that this would be a good business opportunity. Since I had an IT background, I created a webpage and incorporated Woodgamz with some friends that I played with in softball. The business became too much for my friends and I decided to take it on myself. Woodgamz has grown substantially over the last few years. We now have employees and contracts with major companies. I can't even start to tell you how much I have learned from running my own business. I learn something new everyday about purchasing, selling, marketing, etc. You could say this job requires you to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Hey wait a minite, isn't that the definition of a CEO?

Our Cornhole Story:

Woodgamz.com was born in a backyard in Columbus, Ohio. A group of buddies, tired of begging their wives to play Co-Ed softball and banned from the Rec League after "the incident", came up with a better idea. Cornhole, bean bag toss or whatever you want to call it, is more fun, it can be played almost anywhere, it doesn't require 11 people a side, and allows folks of all ages and athletic ability to participate. We figured the guys and gals would have fun playing cornhole, we could rotate houses to host cornhole events, and fire up the backyard grill. Some even realized you could practice cornhole at home secretly without others knowing and hone your cornhole skills to impress your friends.

We soon discovered it was the perfect game the entire family could enjoy. A great game for kids of all ages, be them wives, husbands, neighbors, grandparents or that friend you all have who just moved to the area and complains about practically everything. Searching the web for sites that sold Cornhole sets, and buying from several, we realized cornhole prices were too high, cornhole bag and board quality was poor, and it took ages for the sets to arrive. We wanted to have fun, so we decided to "Build Fun".

We now manufacture and sell cornhole products ourselves. At least that is what we tell our wives. Check out our site. If you have already bought a set of cornhole boards or made your own, check out the line of durable cornhole bags we offer. If you want to start from scratch, I think you'll be pleased with our quality and how quickly we can get you out there throwing cornhole bags and having fun.
If you need to contact us please email us or call us anytime!!

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Woodgamz.com - Maker of Cornhole Products

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