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Cornhole Board

Everyone has enjoyed a game of cornhhole or corn toss and if you haven’t as yet then what are you waiting for? Cornhole is a fun-filled game for folks of all ages and all athletic abilities. It involves pitching small bags filled with corn at a raised platform known as a cornhole board with a hole in the far end. This game is a great pass time for kids and makes for thrilling entertainment at a party. Guests will love the excitement of competing against each other and everyone is welcome to take part. Cornhole is great fun but only if you have a good quality cornhole board and cornhole bags. You can get superior quality cornhole products at www.woodgamz.com where the service is exceptional and the products unsurpassed in quality.

Woodgamz.com was started by a few friends who were tired of using a low quality cornhole board and cornhole bags that constantly broke. Imagine how upsetting it is when you pay good money for such products so that you and the family can enjoy time spent together and as you toss the cornhole bags, they rip and send corn flying everywhere. That is the end of your cornhole game and the fun that you could have had with superior quality products. This group of buddies in Columbus, Ohio weren’t prepared to have their fun ruined and so started to manufacture their own cornhole products which were made of good quality materials. At www.woodgamz.com you can be assured that when you buy a cornhole board or cornhole bags, you are buying superior quality. What’s more is that the prices are lower than competitors and the service is efficient, friendly and fast! Woodgamz.com will not keep you waiting; the company delivers your corn toss products within 3 business days after an order has been placed.

Each Woodgamz cornhole board is made of premium authentic wood in the standard size of 4 feet long by 2 feet wide with a hole 6 inches in diameter. The durable and sturdy sanded plywood top of the cornhole board is attached to a 2X4 premium stud frame which consists of 2X4s secured with nails and screws. The legs are attached with steel bolts, washers and lock nuts to ensure that your cornhole board will remain sturdy and last long. Woodgamz.com has taken cornhole toss to a higher level of fun; you can buy an unpainted cornhole board so that you can paint it yourself according to a theme you like or even as part of your team’s logo when entering cornhole toss tournaments. The unpainted cornhole board comes sanded and ready to paint while the painted cornhole board comes with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of high gloss paint. Woodgamz.com even paints the folding legs so that you end up owning a beautifully crafted, durable and superior quality cornhole board. Add to that, a set of cornhole bags that are filled with 100% corn, made from 100% duct cloth and sewn with triple stitching and what you have is the ultimate cornhole game from an unrivalled company, www.woodgamz.com! Get ordering today so that you can have the fun you deserve tomorrow!


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